I apologize to all of you who were checking the blog until late last night holding out hope that my second Monday Musing would be posted. Clark was post-call so asleep most of the day in our room where the computer is. But, TA-DA, here it is:

I was watching Extreme Home Makeover on Sunday night, and they were building a house for a family who has four members suffering from a chronic illness. The mother and all three of her daughters have it, causing them each lots of pain and multiple other symptoms. The oldest daughter has even had multiple surgeries. Because their family was so affected by the disease and because it can be difficult to diagnose, they started a support group for others. It really was an amazing show. But at one point the mother was talking and she said that she wakes up every day thinking to herself, "Who needs me today? Who can I help today?"


Here is a woman in constant pain living in an old chicken coop with three daughters, and each day she chooses to focus on being a help to others. I was so convicted! I wake up most days thinking, "How is Andrew going to act today? What are the chances Clark will be home semi-early?"

How much better would my outlook on life and my circumstances be if I spent my energies and thoughts on others - my family, my friends, people I don't even know but who are suffering? And not even that, but isn't this what part of the Gospel and living life as a believer in Jesus and his way of life is about? Serving others instead of yourself.

I hope that I will continue to remember each day to think about who I need to be praying for all day, or who needs an email, or an encouraging card...

Today I'm praying for a friend and her mom and her life plans.

Think about who might need you today.


amen, sista.
#1. I love that show. It is incredible to me that those people (who may or may not know the Lord) are going around doing God's work. What a refreshing thing on TV.

#2. Having your mindset focused on other people and what you can do for them, although difficult and contrary to our nature, is SUCH a great thing! (who would argue?) I definitely needed to be reminded of that today, so thank you for publicly "musing" us. Love you.

Tuesday, 23 October, 2007  

I'm glad you finally got to the computer. At midnight, I had to quit hitting the "refresh" button but today has been a much better day since I know you wrote.

Something about that sentence doesn't seem quite right.

Tuesday, 23 October, 2007  

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