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Lately, I've had some change in my trust and belief in God. It started a few weeks ago when I read "Glimpses of Grace" by Mary Forsythe. This woman wrote her story of being convicted of a felony and the time she spent in prison. It is an amazing book and I hope you guys will read it - anyone can borrow mine after I let Amber borrow it. :)

But it really made me desire to want to to believe and trust that God could, would, and wanted to answer prayer. This might sound strange because a lot of y'all know that I love to pray and feel burdened to pray for others. But it seems like when it comes to my own life, there is always this sense of distrust or uncertainty when I pray. But reading this book paved the way for the Holy Spirit to change that in my heart and mind.

Hmmm..I'm kind of having that sense that I was just a little too vulnerable... awkward!

I guess I'd just encourage y'all to think about your own ways of praying and what you believe when you pray. Do you believe God is listening, that He wants to hear you, that He wants to answer you? Do you want to know His answer?

Let me know what you think...


that's all I have to say right now...

Monday, 29 October, 2007  

Thanks for using your blog to ask awesome questions!! I think that often when I pray (and I know this is not right) I ask God for answers/solutions to problems that I feel are out of my control. It's the stuff I don't pray for that's my problem... things I think I can take care of. oops!

Monday, 29 October, 2007  

Hmmmmm. I do believe that God hears us. I do believe that He cares about our problems and requests. I really do believe that. So why is it that I do not take enough time to pray? Is it that I do not want to submit to his answer or I do not want to hear it? I don't know. Maybe it is that I am so focused on myself that I do not take the time to quit trying to solve my own problems and hand them over to God - who is much better at it. Thanks for the musing.

Tuesday, 30 October, 2007  

I hear ya, Erin. I struggle with the same unbelief. I always tell myself that of course God hears our prayers, but already has a plan going so hopefully my prayer just lines up with the plan. And I might add, in the back of my mind I think "God probably wants the opposite of what I'm asking- so I should expect that to not be disappointed."

Such am I of little faith.

Tuesday, 30 October, 2007  

I love how you are attempting to strengthen other believer's faith in your thought provoking questions! I honestly feel that I do not pray whole heartedly about myself for many reasons. Those being release of control, feeling of unworthiness, and putting more emphasis on praying for others instead of myself. How do we remedy those thoughts?

Tuesday, 30 October, 2007  

ok, my smile the other day meant I was just so excited that the book meant so much to you- that it wasn't just a "feel good" forget everything after you read it book. That means her life actually touched yours in an awesome way. I can't wait for you to hear her speak.

Anyway, I've learned so much in the last year about God's thoughts about us and our relationship with Him. We've got to understand that His plans for us really are to prosper us and to give us an incredible and fulfilling life! Our prayers are mighty in the Kingdom of Heaven. They war against the kingdom of darkness (they really do), they release the power of the Holy Spirit to wonders that only God can be attributed to, they also knit our hearts closer to the heart of the Almighty. Prayer is awesome.

I'm going to send you a CD set of a prayer seminar that Mary did at our church over a year ago. I think it will expand what you are learning and get you even more fired up! yea!

Wednesday, 31 October, 2007  

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