Clean up, clean up

everybody everywhere...
Today we had our carpets cleaned. I've been threatening to have it done for months now - well, since before Corinne was born! It finally happened! The carpet looks so good. In a matter of a years time, from pre-toddler to toddler + crawly drooly baby, our poor carpet has been destroyed. Oh, did I mention our dog, Hoss, too?
Now, how do I not freak out about every tiny thing that gets dropped or spilled on it from here on out...


you don' grit your teeth and try to get some cleaner after it before it sets in. i have found some cleaner that works pretty good. i think it works. i just tried it this past sat. morning. anyhow, it's called kolex. it's in a white bottle with purple writing. good luck. just don't forget, you still have little ones around and the doggie...the carpet is bound to get dirty. i'm thinking about making a schedule every quarter to get our carpets cleaned. it's hard to keep them clean with a lot of traffic. good luck

Sunday, 07 October, 2007  

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